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2020 FAQs

What is the Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector Project?
The Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector Project is a transportation improvement project designed to address traffic congestion, safety, and roadway deficiencies. When complete, the Project will provide a direct connection from Sumneytown Pike, just north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Lansdale Interchange, to PA 309, encompassing a five-mile corridor located in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA.
What is the status of the Project?

Construction will occur in three phases. Phase I construction is complete. Phase II is currently in design with construction planned to begin in 2021. Planning for Phase III has begun.

Will the Project add to existing congestion by placing signals at intersections that are not currently signalized?

The Project is designed to reduce the amount of traffic currently using other local and residential streets to access Route 309 from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Project will re-time traffic signals and implement other strategies to maximize the efficiency of traffic traveling on the Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector and intersecting roads.

Will the Project delay other roadway and intersection improvements currently planned within the Project area?

Should the townships pursue additional projects within the Project area, the Project team will coordinate with the township when the time comes to resolve any possible design issues.

What measures will be taken to improve traffic flow?

The ongoing traffic and engineering studies will look at level of service and secondary impacts of the Project, including level of service on other local roads. The Project team understands that new traffic signals may change existing traffic patterns. Timed traffic signals and other strategies will be used to maximize the efficiency of traffic moving on the Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector and along intersecting roads.

Who will be responsible for the signalized intersections along the Connector?

PennDOT will assume the cost of the hardware and the installation of the traffic signals. The respective townships will be responsible for maintaining the signals in their municipalities.

How is the speed limit determined on new segments of the roadway?

Speed limits are determined by the intended role and roadway typology of the proposed roadway. This connector road is planned to be a Community Arterial in a Suburban Corridor, which requires a design speed between 35 mph and 50 mph. A posted speed limit of 40 mph was selected to convey traffic safely and efficiently in the area.

Will the Project include a multi-purpose trail along the entire length of the Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector?

The multi-purpose trail will begin at Allentown Road and terminate east of Cowpath Road. This allows for the townships to connect to the multi-use trail in the future.

Will the Project team study potential impacts to the environment such as: air quality; wetlands and streams; wildlife (including threatened and endangered animals); residential wells; potential flooding; increased noise levels; and geological stability?

The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) requires that federally funded transportation improvement projects follow a comprehensive planning process in which cultural, socioeconomic and environmental impacts are considered. Potential impacts to air quality, noise level, wetlands, streams, floodplains and wildlife are studied and assessed according to the NEPA documentation and clearance process.

Will sound barriers be included in the PA 309 Connector Project?

The preliminary noise analysis indicated that the areas along both sides of the roadway between Elroy Road and Cowpath Road require noise mitigation based on the FHWA/PennDOT requirements. The preliminary design is proposing sound barrier walls in these areas. During final design, PennDOT will a hold special purpose meeting to present the plans in the impacted areas and gather feedback from affected residents. Residents will be notified by mail of this meeting.

Can the Sumneytown Pike/PA 309 Connector follow the PECO lines?

The Connector cannot follow the PECO transmission lines because of safety regulations that stipulate the distance that must be maintained between a road and transmission lines, as well as prohibitive costs associated with replacing transmission towers, power lines and property.

Will there be detours during construction?

Proposed detours will occur during Phase II construction in several stages. For a map of proposed detours, please visit the Project website: http://www.pa309connector.com/

How can I receive more information?

Visit the Project website: www.pa309connector.com

E-mail us: info@pa309connector.com

Kris Bellotti
Design Project Manager
(215) 592-4200

Sibty Hasan
PennDOT Project Manager
(610) 205-6700

How will my farming operation be affected by the Project?

The Project team will contact the owner of each farm in the Project area to learn about the specifics of the farm’s operation and to determine how the Project might affect it. Where feasible mitigation measures are available, they will be provided.

Will the Project cause the remaining farms to leave the area, leading to development that is more residential, and increased traffic and congestion?

The Project is intended to provide better access to Route 309 and the Turnpike, and to redirect traffic off local roads, which would benefit nearby farms. Residential development patterns are planned and regulated through the zoning practices of each municipality.

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